2015 AIS National Iris Convention - Portland, Oregon


Welcome to Portland, Oregon!

The Greater Portland Iris Society, host for the 2015 American Iris Society National Convention, invites all iris friends to Portland, Oregon for

"Iris In Wonderland 2015".

Five of the six host gardens on the three day tour are well known commercial gardens. Immediately following the national convention is the Siberian/Species 2015 convention. Besides the over 4200 bearded and beardless official guest irises, visitors will find the local hybridizers efforts of the past and new and exciting things of the future.

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Also do not forget to pre-register and RSVP for the 16th Annual Geek Dinner & Auction!

Geek Dinner Information
Conventions Chair

John Ludi
PO Box 956, Sandy OR 97055
ph. 503-668-9230
fax 503-826-8808


Conventions Registrar

Judy Nunn
4728 Jade St NE
Salem OR, 97305-3138
ph/fax 503-390-3816